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A Clean Environment Awaits You

Have peace of mind that your place is 100% clean when you hire D&A DYNAMIC CLEANING SERVICES!

It’s All About Quality Cleaning

At D&A DYNAMIC CLEANING SERVICES, we take pride in providing excellent cleaning services at competitive rates for our clients in the Greater Toronto Area. We go above and beyond to find a solution to your cleaning needs.

We can also do green cleaning. Experienced and currently utilizing new cleaning techniques for our current customers that are healthcare-approved to fight COVID-19. Contact us for more information.


You Name It, We Clean It

Our team can clean carpets and tiles*. We can even wax floors. Just name it, and we’ll clean it for you!

*We offer tile and carpet steam cleaning and more.

We’re Here to Help 24/7

Need to have your water pipe fixed? Not a problem! We provide 24/7 services for emergencies, including water leak as well as pre- and post-construction cleanup.

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